Description & Status

Meet Lissa Sanders, investigative journalist for San Antonio’s WHAT MATTERS magazine. Lissa exists in a cozy, romantic, and suspenseful Devil Wears Prada milieu, but tackles serious contemporary issues in an accessible way, in this case, the dangerous politics of pesticide contamination within our food supply.

Crap That Matters suffers from a multiple personality disorder; More commercial than literary and more political than froth, a humorous, yet provocative look at what really matters in today’s world of corporate monopolies, political corruption, and dysfunctional family dynamics.  In the context of an overstimulating society that demands unrealistic accomplishments from ordinary people, Lissa suffers from A.D.D. but manages to deliver madcap escapades, romantic encounters and literary integrity all while being fashionably chic.

Many more adventures are planned for the Lissa Sanders WHAT MATTERS series.


Completed, professionally edited and actively seeking a publisher.